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    CSA II® and it subsidiaries to include CSA II®'s Rebel Corner, ARE NOT, AND NEVER WILL BE, a Neo-Confederate Organization.

    Heritage - Not Hate are the words our organization lives by and grows by. We are not a hate organization nor will it be tolerated in any way!!! We Welcome Everyone!!

    No, we do not whatsoever. If you have Confederate Ancestors or Not and/or follow the ideals of CSA II® of Heritage ~ Not Hate, You Are Welcome To Join Us, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation, or anything else as the original Confederacy was made up of all ethnicity's and backgrounds.

    The only items that are BANNED from our organization is ANY TYPE OF HATE GROUP OR ORGANIZATION. If you are affiliated with or found to be affiliated with ANY TYPE of hate organization, you are not welcome to be a part of our organization WHATSOEVER.

    The True Historical Meaning of the Battle Flag is as Follows:

    Red: The Red In The Confederate Battle Flag Represents The Blood of Christ.

    White: The White In The Confederate Battle Flag Represents The Protection Of God.

    Blue: The Blue X In The Confederate Battle Flag Represents The Christian Cross of St. Andrew.

    13 Stars: The 13 Stars In The Confederate Battle Flag Represent The States That Succeeded From The Union During The War Of Northern Aggression (War Between The States)

    Motto: The Motto Of The Confederacy Was "DEO VINDICE", Which Translates From Latin To Mean The Following:

    - God Will Be Our Vindicator


    - We Will Be Vindicated Through God  

    The Flag Was A Christian Symbol and Remains A Christian / Religious Symbol!!

    Confederate Veterans Are Designated As U.S. Military Veterans By The U.S. Congress Of 1929 & 1958, As Well As, By The US Department Of Veterans Affairs Thus Making Them, Their Symbols, Their Battle Fields, and Anything Pertaining To Them A Protected Class Under U.S. Veterans Protection Laws!!

    Here We Honor Their Memory And Their Gallantry!!


    CSA II® is not directly affiliated with any other organization. Our membership is made up of members who may be a part of other organizations from the SCV, UDC, Three Percenters and many more as well as ours. We are all united and working together for a common mission.

    It is the Mission of this Organization to preserve the Heritage of the Wartime Period from 1861-1865, know as the American Civil War or the War Between The States. 

    This organization is tasked with preserving Monuments, Flags, Historical Artifacts and relics from this time period, or dedicated to this time period. 

    Also, they are tasked to erect brand new Monuments and Flags to honor the Great Generals and Soldiers of That Wartime Period.


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