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  • Historically Accurate Meaning Of The Confederate Battle Flag

    The True Historical Meaning of the Flag is as Follows:
    Red: The Red In The Confederate Battle Flag Represents The Blood of Christ.
    White: The White In The Confederate Battle Flag Represents The Protection Of God.
    Blue: The Blue X In The Confederate Battle Flag Represents The Christian Cross of St. Andrew.
    13 Stars: The 13 Stars In The Confederate Battle Flag Represent The States That Succeeded From The Union During The War Of Northern Aggression (War Between The States)
    Motto: The Motto Of The Confederacy Was "DEO VINDICE", Which Translates From Latin To Mean The Following:
    - God Will Be Our Vindicator
    - We Will Be Vindicated Through God  
    The Flag Was A Christian Symbol and Remains A Christian / Religious Symbol!!
    Confederate Veterans Are Designated As U.S. Military Veterans By The U.S. Congress Of 1929 & 1958, As Well As, By The US Department Of Veterans Affairs Thus Making Them, Their Symbols, Their Battle Fields, and Anything Pertaining To Them A Protected Class Under U.S. Veterans Protection Laws!!
    Here We Honor Their Memory And Their Gallantry!!